Now I will go and get some fantabulous Art give away thingy set up!


People are still welcome to follow me obviously- anyone who follows is allowed to enter the give away bloopbloop!

I’ll have the details and prizes available up tomorrow!


thanks for the babes that reblogged my last post!!<3

neat things shall be coming now!- no more stupid 99 e-e!

I literally need one more person

and I’ll do the mini art give away

wanna see my art- just scroll through my tumblr!


First Fan art thingy in a long time

Ravio from Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds

-I might do more of these, I tried to make it look like a painting

since paintings are main theme in this game

Artwork by me. Kaylin O’Donnell

Ravio belongs to Nintendo and all that.

Sketches that never made it 

past sketching/being outlined

ohwell! why not?

my first art dump lol

-sketches/art by me. Kaylin O’Donnell

Pink by TheHappyLandfill

Sharing my line art- why not?

My O.C. Headless Genevieve

….she can take her head off. 

Anyway lol I wanted to revamp the last picture I did of her, she was too clunky looking and I hated the dress I did for her. I wanted something more elegant and simple. I also wanted her to look sweet and fragile - since shes a porcelain doll :3

Headless Genevieve/art/O.C. by me. Kaylin O’Donnell

-ps I lost another follower ;-; I’m close to 100, I wanted to do a special giveaway to celebrate 100 so like…spread the word? lol

Slow work in progress

I’m trying to take it nice and easy with this!

Headless Genevieve is coming out so cute its killing me 

WIP/Art/Characters belong to me. Kaylin O’Donnell

Changed my icon to this! 

(its actually a crop of a full size picture I did back a while ago!)

my Character Chrome Imply

Just thought it would be fun to show a close up of this Icon

art by me. Kaylin O’Donnell


I have finally hit over 3000 followers! So as promised to all my tumblins I’m hostin’ an art giveaway!



+ You have to be following me.

+ One like and one reblog only.

+ Contest ends July, 10th at 10pm pst.

+ Winners will have 24 hours to respond. If no response another winner will be chosen.

+ Good luck!

Just a wip of my two characters from my comic

Trick or Screech

Headless Genevieve (lolita) and Chrome Imply

H.G. looks way more like how I have her in my head this time around which makes me happy :3

working on this in between stress and stuff I owe- I deserve some me time- no matter whos impatient- dont rush me e-e;

wip/art/characters belong to me. Kaylin O’Donnell

© TH