Commission I’m working on

Has to be done before August 20th so better do it now before later

Usagi x Rei from Sailor Moon

trying to keep the anime-ish look to this

-wip/art by me. Kaylin O’Donnell

Hi, I was wondering if your number 6 adoptable still up or if someone claimed her yet?

sorry the adoptables have been closed for a while now ;-;

thankyou for showing interest though! </3

I came across this while enjoying my usual walk about in town.

Forgot to post it!!  WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

It reminded me of this video here: DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!

What does this mean!?!


Mii Sherry.

lmfao your head size- but I tried XD!

I assure you its not that huge in your full size XD

the close ups are terrible ;-;””


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Let’s hope the runner up claims the giveaway prize within 24 hours or I’ll be drawing a third name *facepalms*

;-;’ I thought this was going to go smoother 

Morrigan Aensland Fan Art done

this was definately a challenge

I’m a bit insecure when it comes to fan art

but I think I did ok!

Morrigan belongs to DarkStalkers and stuff

Art by me. Kaylin O’Donnell

So close to being done x-x’

Morrigan Aensland fan art for pratice/fun

wip by me. Kaylin O’Donnell


Hey guys

Trying to save up some money for thingsthatiwontfinish trip here to meet for the first time! Also I need the work as well so! if you wouldn’t mind reblogging/sharing this it means a lot!



All payments must be ready/ paid in full before I start your pictureI had one incident where I did a picture for someone and wasn’t paid so hopefully you understand ^^

———— What I’m offering! 

Creepie Style~
$6.00 character/O.C. of your choice
full color
drawn in the exclusive Creepie base Style!
Your choice with or without background!
Line Art~ 
$10.00 character/O.C. of your choice
in full line art! 
straight black and white line art
or color background (optional!)
Full Color Art~
$15.00 to $20.00
-3/4 size -from the knees up-
-check out my gallery for full size examples!-

Full Color/Shade/Background
of your O.C./Character of choice
What I can do! 
-Various Female and Male characters
-Various Fashion/ Clothing/ styles (giving me an idea of fashion style you like is always welcome :3)
-Various Hair styles/Fashions as well
-O.Cs! Cause there fun!
-I can also design fun outfits for your o.c.s as well if you want something a little different :P
Stuff I won’t do :( 
-Pornographic/Violent style artwork - I can do sexy pictures but too an extent!
-Furries!! (I will do anything with animal ears and tails, but they have to represent HUMANS not these muscle dogs with packages thanks lol -if you are unsure just ask me I wont bite)
-Mechas/super detail robots/over detail armor- I’m not that great with them so I don’t want to let you do if I make some lumptard lookin’ robot
-Certain Fandoms: Unsure? just note me!! :3
If you are unsure about anything just ask in general I do not mind answering~
You MUST have PICTURE references- PLEASE. 
I can’t work with written descriptions!
I’m much better off with actual pictures hopefully you understand :3
If you are interested please Note me here!
You can also contact me at TheHappyLandfill on DA!

thats about it! I hope to get some commissions in ^^ Please share if you can it’s appreciated! xoxo ;-;


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work in progress

no one showed up to livestream -so I called it a night early ;-;’

Morrigan Aensland fanart stuff

work in progress hng- art by me. Kaylin O’Donnell

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